Do You Serve Idiots Too?

     I’ve been getting a lot of stories from readers that say they serve idiots too. For anyone that wants to have their story published on this website, just write something up and send it to

     It doesn’t matter if it’s a whole story, a little blurb, a comment, a conversation that took place between you and a customer; if it’s funny, I’ll post it. 

     I also reserve the right to edit any emails I get for content, length or entertainment reasons.

     Check back on the “Reader’s Idiots” page for your submission as I will update it as regularly as possible.

     P.S. I’ve been getting some e-mails from people asking me if they can still submit a story even if they don’t work in a restaurant as a server. The answer is “yes…yes you can.” If you serve idiots, work with idiots, talked to an idiot on the street, I (and the readers of this site) want to read about it. This isn’t just about restaurants and servers because the creator of the page (i.e. me) is a server in a restaurant. This page was meant to become a forum for a community of people that are tired of dealing with idiots and find this website the best place to vent their frustrations.

     If you find that taking an AK to work and going out in a blaze of glory is a better alternative, I want to read that story as well.


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