The Apocolypse Is Now.

Hey guys. The site’s gonna be down for the next couple of days. I’m changing hosting plans and doing a few other things to make the site a little better.

In the meantime, go to

Affectionately Yours,


2 Responses to The Apocolypse Is Now.

  1. Bill says:

    Was it something some self righteous person said? Are you going to filter them out some how and make it better for the rest of us?
    Seriously though will the link to the Message Boards be down as well? I would imagine it would seeing as how you run both but they might be on different servers. Just wondering.

  2. Patrick says:

    Of course, I stop checking in on the site for a little while and I miss a big argument. Good luck with the switch Ryan, I’ll be glad to see the site back up once it is.

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